Kraton polymers exhibit the superior performance needed to produce long-lasting hot-melt applied thermoplastic road marking paints. When added to paint binders, tough Kraton™  G SEBS and Kraton™  D styrene-isoprene-styrene (SIS) polymers improve coating strength and mechanical properties, reduce the paint erosion after numerous wheel passages and enhance the adhesion to glass beads resulting in superior retro-reflections properties.  In addition, Kraton polymer-based binders resist cracking and maintain elasticity at temperature extremes on a variety of road surfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Improved abrasion
  • Superior crack resistance
  • Elasticity at elevated temperatures
  • Flexibility at low temperatures
  • Exceptional retro-reflection (UV stability)
  • Balanced cohesion / adhesion
  • Improved glass bead retention
  • Excellent oil retention
  • Hot melt stability

Recommended Grades


Kraton Performance Polymers
Improve Road Marking Paints
Kraton Polymers Boost Functional life of Thermoplastic Road Marking Paints

Formulation - Hot Melt Binder

Starting Formulation - 0 g/L VOC at 100% solids
PBW % Weight Example
Kraton polymer
Kraton™ G1652
Hydrocarbon resin (midblock)
RegaliteTM R1100
Blending conditions: the resin is molten, afterwards the polymer is added and stirred until a homogenous mixture is obtained. The blending is done in a glass reactor heated at 200oC.

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