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Highly modified asphalt
Next Generation in Asphalt Pavement Design

Roads & Bridges Conventional SBS polymer loadings give improvements to properties, but as shown in Figure 1, the dominant phase is still the bitumen and so the properties are mostly like bitumen. However, if the polymer content increases, the phases invert so the “bitumen” now behaves much more like rubber. This has a profound effect on physical properties. As shown, the softening point increases dramatically and mixture fatigue resistance leaps. The increase in polymer content, by 2-3 times, gives 1-2 orders of magnitude improvement in fatigue resistance.

General Roads Brochure
Driving Innovation with Kraton Polymers

Roads & BridgesPolymer modification of asphalt binder is the solution of choice to enhance the durability of roads exposed to heavy traffic or harsh climates. The added performance asphalt binder achieves through polymer modification is required to meet the evolving expectations of drivers, road authorities and the wider community. As pioneers in asphalt modification, Kraton Corporation leads the paving industry by offering new and innovative polymers that deliver greater performance and processability. With a global supply network and service second to none, Kraton Corporation offers its platform of higher performing polymers to an evermore challenging range of paving applications.





Orlen Asfalt
Highly Modified Binders Orbiton HiMA

Roads & BridgesResearch conducted by numerous academic centres over recent decades has corroborated the claim that higher polymer content in binder produces additional quality benefits, substantially contributing to the durability improvement of asphalt pavements in terms of cracking resistance, rutting and fatigue. Particularly encouraging was exceeding the limit of SBS polymer content (about 7–7.5% m/m), after which the polymer phase in the polymer-modified binder becomes continuous.

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winter-damage in porous asphalt
Designing a binder solution using Kraton Polymers

Roads & BridgesA Delft University of Technology study concluded that two factors are critical to prevent winter damage:

  • Limited binder stiffness at low temperature, particularly after ageing;

  • Binder stress relaxation at these low temperatures.

A few cold winter nights can cause years’ worth of ravelling damage to a road when stresses due to traffic loads and day to night temperature variations reach the binder’s breaking point.

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High Quality Emulsions Made Easy using Kraton Polymers
Kraton D1192 and Kraton D0243

Roads & BridgesKraton D1192 and Kraton D0243 are the most technologically-advanced and user-friendly polymer options for use in the manufacture of pre-modified asphalt emulsions...

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