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With millions of drivers on the road around the world, reliable tires are critical to ensuring safety and performance, especially during wet weather conditions. Producing high-quality tires that meet these criteria can be difficult, but Kraton has a proven history of helping manufacturers push the boundaries of innovation for a better driving experience.

For more than half a century, Kraton has been a key supplier to the rubber industry. We also worked with tire producers for over 25 years, partnering with the majority of leading manufacturers to develop best-in-class tires that deliver differentiated results.

Developed under the SYLVATRAXX ™ brand, our innovative portfolio of natural, synthetic and hybrid products improve tire performance balance, enable better control when driving on slick roads or extend the tires’ lifespan. Other SYLVATRAXX products enhance the processing of tire compounds to help meet increasingly stringent industry requirements.

Kraton focuses on the promotion and development of SYLVATRAXX products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable, producing half the carbon footprint over its lifecycle compared to competitive products. Most of our products have high biobased content, between 40-60 percent for modified terpene and 90-100 percent for polyterpene and treated rosin.
Our customer-focused service teams collaborate with tire manufacturers to develop products and optimize performance from application studies. We also provide support to customers’ tire developments through general and specific application testing.


Removable Coatings

Improve wet traction

Tread Enhancement Additives

Tread enhancement additives enhance the performance of rubber compounds in the final tire application by optimizing wet traction.

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Barrier Coatings

Reduce mooney viscosity

Process Enhancement Additives

Process enhancement additives reduce mooney viscosity and enable more effective processing of modern tire compounds containing advanced silanes with high silica loadings and latest generation rubber polymers.

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Roof Coatings

Reliable performance

Core Rubber Additives

Core rubber additives enable manufacturers to control the rubber manufacturing process or the rubber compounding process to achieve optimal properties.

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