Sustainability Strategy

safe and socially responsible operations

Kraton is committed to safe and socially responsible operations. Therefore, we continuously work to improve our products and processes with the goal of reducing our own emissions and customers’ environmental footprint. To achieve this, we developed a materiality assessment of our sustainability impacts and opportunities in the value chain focusing on environmental, social and governance (ESG) assessments of our operations. These focus areas will guide our sustainability efforts and initiatives as we continue to make a positive difference to our customers, in our jobs and to the world.


  Environmental Environmental & Social Social Governance
Material Issues
The material aspects were identified using an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) assessment of our own operations, while also assessing both our upstream and downstream impacts and opportunities in the value chain.
Operational Efficiency Environmental and Social Responsibility in our Supply Chain Health, Safety and Environmental Impacts of Products Health, Safety and Communities Governance
Relevant Topics
We will report on our progress in managing these material aspects through these relevant topics in this report.
Improving Our Environmental Footprint Resource Efficiency Brings Added Value We Make Safety Personal, Resource Efficiency Brings Added Value We Make Safety Personal, Kraton’s Core Values, Making a Positive Difference