history 1970s

Europe’s roofing industry used more insulation, leading to wider temperature extremes and movement in roofing structure. Stronger, more flexible roofing felt made from SBS-modified asphalts became popular.

First dedicated block copolymer plant was constructed in 1971 in Belpre, Ohio.

Several Kraton D polymer grades from Belpre’s new K-1 plant were commercialized.

Five mph bumper law passed, leading to the first successful commercial automotive application of HSBC as a fascia for the 1974 AMC Matador.

Hydrogenated diblock copolymers were commercialized as a viscosity index improver in motor oil and justified construction of the first large scale Kraton G plant in Belpre.

New hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive technology featuring SIS Kraton™ D polymers was launched.

Kraton helped form Tappi hot-melt Adhesives Conference, creating industry forum to share hot-melt adhesive technology.