Join us for our SBC Inventor Webinar Series

65 Years of Revolutionary Technology for A Sustainable World.

Since Kraton’s invention of the first commercial Styrenic Block Copolymers (SBC) in October 1957, we have been committed to creating innovative and sustainable high-value solutions for a wide range of end uses.

Throughout October, we are celebrating the 65th anniversary of the invention of this game-changing material with 4 engaging webinar sessions centered around
sustainability and the circular economy.

Advancing Sustainability and Circular Economy

Kraton SBC solutions help customers advance sustainability and circularity by enabling recyclable design, lowering carbon footprint with the reduced use of fossil-based feedstock, and adopting renewable, recycled materials.

Register for our SBC Inventor Webinar Series to hear our team of experts discuss:
- Kraton’s Corporate Commitment to Sustainability & Value Creation
- Enhancing Sustainability & Circularity in the Automotive Industry
- Advancing Circular Economy with ISCC PLUS Certified Renewable Solutions
- High-Performance Adhesive Solutions for Circular Economy
- Innovative Personal Care Solutions for Enhanced Sustainability


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Circularity in the automotive industry

Net-zero emissions by 2050 is an aspiring yet challenging goal for the automotive industry. Leveraging Kraton's high-performance auto solutions can enable improvements in supply chain sustainability. TPE Compounders, Automotive Tier 1 & 2 Suppliers, Converters, and OEMs are encouraged to attend.

Register to learn how Kraton's innovations can help:
- Lower your carbon footprint and emissions
- Reduce the use of fossil-based materials
- Adopt circular design without trade-offs in performance

Register Automotive Roger Steens, Kristof Verschueren, Sander Ridder 10/6/2022
10am CST-11am CST

Advancing a Circular Economy with ISCC PLUS Certified Renewable Solutions

Accelerating circularity and achieving ambitious sustainability targets have become instrumental for growth and differentiation across many industries. Kraton's ISCC PLUS certified renewable solutions can help customers reach their sustainability goals while advancing the circular economy. This webinar will benefit prospective and current styrenic block copolymer customers.

Register to learn how Kraton's CirKular+ ReNew, an ISCC PLUS certified technology, can create value by:
- Adopting ISCC PLUS Mass Balance Approach
- Increasing certified renewable content in your products
- Lowering carbon footprint in your formulation

Register Consumer, Automotive, Industrial and Building & Construction Roger Steens, Laurent Porot, Yuliya Streen   10/13/2022
10am CST-11CST

high-performance adhesive
solutions for circular economy   

Sustainability is receiving increasing attention in the adhesives industry. With the focus on adopting renewable materials, increasing recyclable design concepts, and reducing VOCs, Kraton plays a unique role in helping the industry move towards circularity.

If you’re an adhesive formulator or converter, join our experts to learn:
- Kraton’s corporate commitment to sustainability & value creation
- High-performance adhesives and sealants solutions for circular economy
- Customer success stories around enhanced sustainability

Register Adhesives & Sealants Roger Steens, David Broere, Stephanie Grant 10/20/2022
10am CST-11 CST

innovative personal care solutions
for enhanced sustainability

Personal Care products such as diapers, feminine hygiene, and adult incontinence products are essential to daily life. Evolving consumer needs, such as better fit, comfort, safety, and sustainability, are critical performance requirements for the industry.

Register to see how Kraton innovations can help meet your requirements and:
- Enable excellent elasticity for Personal Care items
- Enhance sustainability of Personal Care products
- Support down-gauging designs

Register Personal Care & Baby Care
Roger Steens, Birgit Ott, Aparajita Bhattacharya 10/27/2022
10am CST-11CST