Kraton polymers provide a broad range of tack and adhesion with tailored adhesion to polar and non-polar substrates. Our products are co-extruded adhesives, eliminating the coating step, while offering controllable tack and removability.



Kraton offers the next generation in rosin ester tackifiers. SYLVALITE™ 9000 is a biobased tackifier for use in formulating premium packaging hot-melt adhesives. This tackifier adheres to the most stringent color and stability requirements, while delivering adhesion performance synonymous with rosin ester chemistry. SYLVALITE 9000 has an initial solution color of less than 1 on the Gardner scale. In addition, hot-melt adhesives formulated with SYLVALITE 9000 show stability on aging comparable to today’s premium adhesives based solely on petroleum derivatives.  SYLVALITE™ 9000 gives formulators a biobased solution to meet premium performance needs while addressing their customers’ sustainability concerns.