Adhesive Documents   
Adhesive Documents   
Road Markings
SYLVACOTE™ 4200 Rosin Ester – For High-Performance Thermoplastic Road Markings
Tackifiers For Adhesives
Stick with Kraton Polymers – Adhesives
Automotive Documents     
Injection Molded Soft Skin for Automotive Interiors
Removable Decorative Coatings for Automotive Aftermarket Products
Sylvatraxx Tire Performance Additives
Coated Fabrics
Coating Documents    
Enduring Quality – Biobased Solutions for High-Performance Coatings
SYLFAT 2 Tall Oil Fatty Acid
Removable Decorative Coatings
Oleochemical and Rosin Product Guide
Elastic Films    
Kraton Polymers in Elastic Films
Ellamera COSMETIC Oil GELS    
Ellamera PER-SUST 504
Ellamera PER-SUST 804
Ellamera TER-SET 203
Ellamera TER-SET 403
Ellamera TER-SET 503
Ellamera TER-SET 603
Ellamera TER-SET 613
Ellamera TER-SET 803
Ellamera RAD-THICK 501
Ellamera Bl-THIN 402
Ellamera Bl-THIN 602
Kraton™ Polymers for Oil Modification
Making Cosmetics More Beautiful
Medical Applications     
Medical Applications
Kraton™ G1645 for Medical IV Films
Oilfield Chemicals    
Kraton Synthetic Suspension Additives
Oleochemical and Rosin    
Oleochemical and Rosin Product Guide
SYLFAT 2 Tall Oil Fatty Acid
CENTURY™ Pine-based, Branched Fatty Acids-Renewable Long Chain Fatty Acid w/ Stability
Emulsions Brochure
General Roads Brochure
HiMA Brochure
Winter Damage
Road Markings
2019 Sustainability Report
2020 Sustainability Report
2021 Sustainability Report