Adhesive Documents   
Adhesive Documents   
Road Markings
SYLVACOTE™ 4200 Rosin Ester – For High-Performance Thermoplastic Road Markings
Tackifiers For Adhesives
Stick with Kraton Polymers – Adhesives
Automotive Documents     
Injection Molded Soft Skin for Automotive Interiors
Removable Decorative Coatings for Automotive Aftermarket Products
Sylvatraxx Tire Performance Additives
Coated Fabrics
Coating Documents    
Enduring Quality – Biobased Solutions for High-Performance Coatings
SYLFAT 2 Tall Oil Fatty Acid
Removable Decorative Coatings
Oleochemical and Rosin Product Guide
Elastic Films    
Kraton Polymers in Elastic Films
Ellamera COSMETIC Oil GELS    
Ellamera PER-SUST 504
Ellamera PER-SUST 804
Ellamera TER-SET 203
Ellamera TER-SET 403
Ellamera TER-SET 503
Ellamera TER-SET 603
Ellamera TER-SET 613
Ellamera TER-SET 803
Ellamera RAD-THICK 501
Ellamera Bl-THIN 402
Ellamera Bl-THIN 602
Kraton™ Polymers for Oil Modification
Making Cosmetics More Beautiful
Medical Applications     
Medical Applications
Kraton™ G1645 for Medical IV Films
Oilfield Chemicals    
Kraton Synthetic Suspension Additives
Oleochemical and Rosin    
Oleochemical and Rosin Product Guide
SYLFAT 2 Tall Oil Fatty Acid
CENTURY™ Pine-based, Branched Fatty Acids-Renewable Long Chain Fatty Acid w/ Stability
Emulsions Brochure
General Roads Brochure
HiMA Brochure
Winter Damage
Road Markings
2019 Sustainability Report
2020 Sustainability Report
2021 Sustainability Report
CirKular Product Guides    
CirKular C2000 Performance Enhancement Series Product Guide
CirKular C3000 Performance Enhancement Series Product Guide
CirKular Compatabilization Series Product Guide