Whether it is baby diapers that stretch with your child’s every movement or bandages that can withstand your daily routine, elastic nonwovens help make essential products fit and conform to your everyday needs. Kraton polymers deliver breakthrough advancements for melt spinning technology that enable elastic nonwoven fabrics to provide superior softness, bi-axial stretch, and durability.

Our copolymer design and optimization provide a significant advantage by allowing our product to retain elasticity and suitability for high-speed processing. The nonwovens produced with our polymers are elastic but also drapeable and breathable, resulting in soft, quiet, and discreet features that improve aesthetics while maintaining a snug fit without redmarking.


Elastic Nonwoven


  • EDiaper and adult incontinence waistbands, side panels, and ear tabs
  • EBandages and wound care dressings
  • EIndustrial composites and specialty textiles


  • EBi-axial stretch
  • EBreathable
  • EExcellent stretch recovery
  • EEasy to process

Elastic Nonwovens Products

Kraton™ G1643
Kraton™ MD1648

Kraton™ G1643

Kraton™ G1643 is a bicomponent spunbond grade created as the core elastic component for both elastic yarns and nonwovens. When paired with polypropylene, it creates a soft, bi-directional stretch fabric that is perfect for single-use applications. For more durable applications, it can be paired with polyester or nylon. During hydro-entangling, it can split into microfibers, resulting in strong fabrics with excellent stretch recovery that can also be dyed.

Kraton™ MD1648

Kraton™ MD1648 is a melt-blown grade specifically designed for easy processing due to its high melt flow. Fabrics produced with MD1648 are soft, breathable, and have bi-directional stretch, making them ideal for use in laminates for various applications.

Our Kraton polymers also offer excellent process stability and require no pre-drying, making them even more convenient for manufacturers. By pre-stretching the fabric, the elasticity can be further enhanced, and dyeing and printing are possible with the appropriate sheath material.

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