High-Performance Biobased Oils

SYLVASOLV oils are a 100% biobased solution offering exceptional performance, safety, and sustainability benefits for various applications. SYLVASOLV’s unique pine chemistry can improve processes and performance in industries, including cleaning solvents, coatings, fertilizers, defoamers, and lubricants.







Performance and Property Benefits

  • Exceptional Solubility Power
  • High Lubricity
  • Excellent Cold Temperature Properties
  • Non-flammable
  • Minimal VOC (CARB LVP-VOC classified)

Pine-based Sustainability Advantages

  • ESourced from Responsibly Managed Forests
  • ELower Carbon Footprint
  • ENon-food Source
  • EMinimal VOC (CARB LVP-VOC classified)
  • EDoes Not Compete for Land with Food Crops

Product Portfolio

Plasticizer for Coatings
Cleaning Solvents

Plasticizer for Coatings

SYLVASOLV oils can be used as plasticizers in epoxy and polyurethane-based protective coatings to optimize elasticity, hardness, adhesion to substrates, and dry-film appearance. These oils are a non-flammable, sustainable option to reduce glass transition temperature and increase plasticity and fluidity to enable proper film formation.

Cleaning Solvents

SYLVASOLV oils’ high solvency power performs exceptionally well in cleaning difficult hydrophobic materials such as grease, tar, and other tough soils. These oils find use in various cleaning applications, including degreasers, heavy-duty hand washers, tank, and rail car cleaning, and hard surface cleaners.


SYLVASOLV oils can be used as a carrier for active ingredients in oil-based defoamers, which provide optimum compatibility-incompatibility balance for effective prevention and destruction of foam in various industrial processes. Reduction of foam can allow for more consistent packaging weights, reduce damage to equipment, improve production process and product quality, and reduce defects in surface coatings. Defoamers formulated with SYLVASOLV oils can be applied in many applications, including paint and varnishes.

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