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CirKular+™ Performance Enhancement Additives for Recycled 
        Plastics will be exhibited at PRSE 2022

Kraton Polymers is excited to exbibit our CirKular+™ Plastics Upcycling Performance Enhancement Additives at the Plastics Recycling Show Europe 2022 (PRSE) taking place June 22-23 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The PRSE brings the biggest suppliers to the plastics recycling industry, showcasing the latest technology innovations, including recycled materials, additives, recycling equipment, and services in Europe. 

As part of Kraton's commitment to sustainability, a suite of performance enhancement compatibilizers that support plastic recycling and the circular economy were developed and then launched as CirKular+ in 2020.  CirKular+™ employs a holistic approach to the end product lifecycle across a broad range of applications. The Plastics Upcycling product line is comprised of two series, the Performance Enhancement and Compatibilization series. The Performance Enhancement series is used with polyolefinic and styrenic PCR and PIR streams. Through a polyolefin-based approach CirKular+™additives enable design recyclability.  At low dosage,  CirKular+™additives help maximize the recycled content and enhance PCR performance without compromising end-product performance while broadening the range of recyclable applications. The  CirKular+™ Compatibilization Series expands the application range to cover incompatible materials such as polypropylene/polyamides, polyolefins/PET, polyamides/PET and others. The  CirKular+™ enables diversion of mixed plastic waste from landfills, and their reuse in the mechanical recycling processes.

CirKular+™ Performance Enhancement Series recently received RecyClass approval for use in PP and HDPE containers and APR critical guidance recognition for HDPE containers.

 CirKular+™ enables the transition to a circular economy, enabling more effective use of resources and energy while reducing GHG emissions to ensure a healthy climate. Since its launch, we have seen early adoption across multiple applications from consumer products, packaging, automotive and industrial applications. According to estimates, since its introduction, the CirKular+ technology enabled the reuse of up to 33 thousand tons of PCR globally, which supported the reduction of up to 87 thousand tons of CO2 emissions equivalent to preserving over 134,000 barrels of oil globally. >

Join the Kraton team at booth A4 to learn more about how CirKular+ can support your company's efforts to enhance sustainability and circular economy.