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HOUSTON, June 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kraton Corporation, a leading global sustainable producer of specialty polymers and high-value biobased products, is pleased to announce the expansion of its manufacturing capabilities in Berre, France, to produce up to 100% ISCC PLUS certified renewable Styrenic Block Copolymers (SBC) as part of the CirKular+™ ReNew Series via mass balance approach. CirKular+ ReNew Series enables up to 85% cradle-to-gate carbon footprint reduction* (including biogenic carbon) compared to fossil-based products manufactured at Berre. This significant advancement reinforces Kraton’s commitment to the circular economy and offers customers sustainable, innovative solutions.

International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) is an independent multi-stakeholder initiative and leading certification system. ISCC employs a mass balance approach that tracks the amount of recycled or bio-based raw material in a value chain and attributes the amount based on verifiable bookkeeping to a given end product. This approach allows companies and consumers to evaluate the sustainability requirements of materials and products quantitatively.

The CirKular+ ReNew Series are ISCC PLUS Certified renewable polymers, further expanding Kraton’s existing suite of solutions designed to advance the circular economy. In 2022, Kraton successfully produced CirKular+ ReNew Series SBCs at the Berre plant using certified renewable butadiene to enable up to 70% ISCC PLUS certified content. With the recently expanded capability, the ReNew Series can offer up to 100% certified renewable content, including certified renewable styrene, and continues to enable customers to use the mass balance approach to produce renewable products.

The CirKular+ ReNew Series showcases Kraton’s dedication to the circular economy by integrating renewable materials. “Our expanded capabilities mark a significant milestone in Kraton’s commitment to advance the circular economy,” said Holger Jung, Kraton co-CEO and Kraton Polymer CEO. “The established capability to produce up to 100% ISCC PLUS certified renewable SBC offers an exciting opportunity to further reduce the carbon footprint of our fossil-based products made in the Berre site by up to 85%.”

Launched in 2020, the CirKular+ product line enables high-performance, innovative solutions for the circular economy and plastics upcycling using a holistic approach to product lifecycle. These products help customers shift to renewable materials, improve product performance, lower carbon footprint, and allow the uptake of recycled plastics.

Kraton remains at the forefront of sustainable polymer innovation, leveraging its expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to create solutions to advance the circular economy. The company is committed to supporting the transition to renewable materials, reducing carbon emissions, and enabling a more sustainable future.

* All relevant life cycle stages of the end-product must be considered to identify the overall life cycle impact along the value chain.

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