Inspired by Nature. Innovated by Kraton.

Kraton’s broad portfolio of pine based products includes high-quality, sustainable tackifier solutions for a variety of adhesive formulations and applications such as tapes and labels, packaging, nonwovens, bookbinding and flooring. Our versatile resins are suitable for high performance hot-melt, solvent and water-based adhesive technologies, which require a myriad of performance attributes. Kraton’s polymers are engineered to meet specific processing and application requirements – such as high cohesion, elasticity, enhanced thermal stability, adhesion to a wide range of substrates as well as consistent melt and solution viscosity. Our versatile polymers are suitable for hot melt adhesive applications and can be formulated with other polymers, resins, fillers, pigments, oils, waxes and stabilizers to achieve a desired balance of properties.

Adhesives are a strategic focus and growth area for Kraton, and we are committed to increasing value through our broad range of chemistry offerings, highly consistent product quality, as well as our global sales and technical service networks. Our in-depth expertise regarding tackifiers and polymers enable our R&D teams to develop solutions that proactively address evolving market and regulatory requirements. Our experts work with formulators of adhesive systems to select the right products, to optimize performance and market development efficiency. Our global operations, customer collaboration and continuous innovation ensure reliable supply and delivery of high-quality products that support customer needs and future growth.


Kraton’s REvolution rosin ester technology offers a major step-change for manufacturers looking to achieve light color and stable hot-melt formulations with high biobased content.




Adhesive products are used in a variety of consumer and industrial materials, from the packaging of cereal boxes that keep food fresh to the elastic on baby diapers that ensure a comfortable fit.




Kraton has an extensive portfolio of styrenic block copolymers and tackifiers, providing formulators with a variety of molecular asset base to use in a broad range of adhesive technologies.




Kraton’s broad portfolio provides adhesive formulators with high quality, sustainable solutions that meet a variety of formulation and application needs. We address evolving market and regulatory requirements by combining our superior tackifier and polymer knowledge with our advanced techniques.