Easy application and Enhanced durability

Preformed Thermoplastic Markings

Preformed thermoplastic markings, typically used for transverse lines and pavement symbols, are produced as pre-cut thermoplastic tapes and symbol pieces and applied by arranging on the pavement surface and heating in place.  Kraton products enable formulators to optimize preformed markings for manufacturing efficiency, ease of application, visibility and durability.


Features and Benefits
  • Excellent visibility
  • High durability
  • Manufacturing efficiency
  • Ease of application
  • UNI-REZ™ hot-melt polyamide flexible binders
    • Uni-Rez 2632
    • Uni-Rez 2633
    • Uni-Rez 2675
  • SYLVACOTE™ and SYLVALITE™  modified rosin ester binders
    • SYLVACOTE 4985
    • SYLVALITE RE 115


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