Reliable Packaging Sealing


From cereal boxes to delivery shipments, packaging materials efficiently contain and deliver the resources we need. The growing demand for packaging applications requires a reliable supply of high-quality adhesives with strong adhesion and stable performance. As a global supplier of polymers and tackifiers for adhesives, Kraton’s broad product offerings enable formulators to achieve the required properties for their applications while meeting stringent food contact regulations. Our products enable increased adhesion difficult to bon substrates such as recycled corrugated paper, while minimizing maintenance and downtime. Kraton polymers can also be used in Cold seal adhesives and lidding.


Features & Benefits
  • Light color
  • Oxidative stability
  • Reliable product supply
  • Enables  strong adhesion
  • Compliance with food contact regulations
Products typically used in Packaging applications
  • Rosin ester tackifiers
  • Terpene phenolic tackifiers
  • AMS tackifiers
  • hot-melt polyamides
  • Kraton™ D SIS
  • Kraton™ DSBS
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