Road markings are a critical component of traffic safety and are a key factor in helping you arrive safely to your destination. The markings help you see the path ahead, stay in the intended lane and acquire important information about what is down the road – but it can only help if it is visible.

Kraton products enable formulators to develop thermoplastic road markings with long lasting, high visibility performance. Thermoplastic is the most popular and cost effective type of permanent road marking technology due to its fast return-to-service, long service life, high retroreflectivity and lack of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

Thermoplastic road markings with intermixed glass beads enhance driver visibility during day, night and extreme, wet weather conditions. Kraton thermoplastic road marking materials are optimized for excellent glass bead adhesion and thermal fusion with asphalt so that formulated markings deliver exceptional durability, ensuring retroreflectivity remains high for years and maintenance costs are minimized. Our products also allow for short drive-on time, so roads can be open for driving almost immediately after application, reducing time and costs associated with lane closures and traffic problems.

As a leading global supplier of biobased chemicals, Kraton rosin ester binders are 100 percent solids and more than 80 percent biobased made from raw material derived from pine trees.

Thermoplastic road markings are typically homogeneous dry mixes of binder resins, elastomers, plasticizers, glass beads, pigments and fillers. Our broad product offerings enable you to customize formulations to meet specific application needs.




  • High retroreflectivity/visibility
  • Fast return-to-service
  • Reduced road closures
  • Minimized traffic issues
  • Enhanced durability
  • Minimized maintenance needs
  • 100 percent solids / zero VOC
  • Excellent glass bead adhesion
  • Thermal fusion to asphalt
  • Good adhesion to concrete