Formulation Flexibility


Kraton has a product portfolio offering formulation flexibility for adhesive producers, delivering specific adhesion to meet the varying performance requirements of tape applications. Our polymers and tackifiers can increase adhesion to difficult-to-bond substrates, such as low surface energy (LSE) substrates. Kraton technical service teams provide global support and product expertise to achieve the best formulation upfront, helping customers optimize performance while decreasing a product’s time-to-market entry.


Features & Benefits
  • Enables increased adhesion
  • Enables formulation flexibility
products typically used in PSA tapes applications
  • Terpene phenolic tackifiers
  • Polyterpene tackifiers
  • Styrenated terpene tackifiers
  • Tackifiers dispersion
  • Rosin ester tackifiers
  • AMS tackifiers
  • Kraton™ SIS polymers
  • Kraton™ SBS polymers
  • Kraton™ SIBS polymers
  • Kraton™ SEBS polymers
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