Steering Wheel Airbag Cover

A critical safety component for air bags is the ability to deploy from underneath. It also requires the part to not have a brittle failure that could cause pieces of the cover to turn into shrapnel when air bags deploy. This is an especially high risk at low temperatures when traditional engineering plastics become more brittle or hard. Kraton polymers give air bag covers higher flexibility in cold temperatures, enabling safe air bag deployment in the event of an impact.

Enhanced aesthetic qualities, such as consistent color properties and lack of molding defects, are extremely important to the air bag cover as it is very visible to the driver. Scratch resistance is also essential as the air bag cover has lots of contact with the driver. Kraton products allow for higher flow properties and excellent compatibilization performance, which enhances colorability and reduces the risks of defects such as tiger stripes and sink marks.


  • Compounding
  • Injection molding


  • Kraton™ G1651
  • Kraton™ G1657
  • Kraton™ G1652
  • Kraton™ G1654
  • Kraton™ G1650
  • Kraton™ G1641H
  • Cold temperature flexibility
  • Higher flow properties
  • Safe air bag deployment
  • Excellent compatibilization performance
  • More efficient mixing of colors in the compounding
  • More efficient compounding


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