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Whether you appreciate a car’s aesthetics or fuel efficiency, Kraton offers solutions that can improve overall automotive appearance, quality and performance. From interior applications such as instrument and door panel skins to exterior applications like protective films and coatings, our products give formulators and manufacturers a wide range of performance attributes and versatility to design a differentiated driving experience.

Kraton is also a key supplier to the tire and rubber industry, helping manufacturers produce premium tires that deliver optimal safety and performance. Our SYLVATRAXX ™ portfolio of natural, synthetic and hybrid products improve tire performance balance, enable better control when driving on slick roads or extend the tires’ lifespan.

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Products for the Automotive Industry

Kraton™ G polymers deliver high strength, and excellent UV and heat stability. The product can be blended with EPDM and TPV to improve processability. Kraton G polymers can be formulated into compounds suitable to manufacture automotive weather seals such as window encapsulation, glass run channel, and various static seals, representing a cost-effective alternative to EPDM. These polymers have excellent impact properties, especially in cold temperatures, and are often used to modify polypropylene and TPO to enhance impact performance.

Kraton™ FG polymers are functionalized Kraton G polymers that provide compatibility and adhesion to polar polymers and substrates. It can be used in overmolded applications to enhance adhesion properties. It is commonly used to modify engineered thermoplastic compounds to improve compatibility with various polymers and additives in a compound formulation.

Kraton™ D is an un-hydrogenated styrenic block copolymers (USBC) polymer that is versatile with a combination of high strength, wide range of hardness and low viscosity. These properties enable a wider processing window in thermoplastic melt processing or processing in solution. This system can be used for sound dampening applications and as an adhesive system.

Kraton™ A polymers are used for sound dampening, compounding and overmolding in soft skin applications. It is known to improve flow properties due to high melt flow index while still exhibiting the performance expected from traditional polymers.