Floor mat and carpet backing

Floor mat and carpet backing provides a soft cushioning effect for automotive interiors. These cost-sensitive applications use a high percentage of oil and fillers with recycled materials, so the product must have a good compatibilizer to achieve efficient oil loading while experiencing oil bleed out.

Kraton polymers can be formulated to replace rubber or PVC used in floor mat or carpet backing. Our products offer more efficient oil absorption to deliver soft haptics, eliminate oil bleed out and reduce costs. The polymers also provide excellent compatibilization performance to achieve more efficient mixing of dissimilar materials in the compounding, eliminating plasticizer migration and rubber smell. Injection molded floor mats allow custom fit for individual vehicles for aesthetic features and easy cleaning.


  • Compounding
  • Extruded sheet
  • Injection molding


  • Kraton™ G1651
  • Kraton™ G1654
  • Efficient oil absorption
  • Excellent compatibilization performance
  • SEBS polymer structure
  • Soft haptics, no oil bleed out, lower costs
  • More efficient mixing of dissimilar materials in the compounding
  • No rubber smell or no plasticizer migration


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