Enhancing Design and Efficiency


Kraton IMSS™ technology is a revolutionary technology that enables IM processing for skins by combining the latest generation of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) polymer chemistry, soft touch haptics and vehicle weight savings with injection molding. IMSS delivers enhanced manufacturing efficiency by enabling the injection molding of large, thin-walled soft skin parts such as instrument panel skins as thin as 0.8mm, and it is run on standard equipment and under normal processing conditions, including 1K and 2K processes. This product can achieve 25 percent weight savings over existing PVC slush molded soft skin and has replicated an existing slush skin A-surface design without any modification. IMSS also supports environmentally-responsible initiatives such as vehicle lightweighting and recyclability with the ability to re-use scrap and production trim waste.




  • Instrument panels
  • Door trim panels
  • Center consoles


  • New high melt flow (400+ MFI)
  • Kraton SEBS-based
  • TPE polymer technology
  • Lower density
  • Phthalate-free and low-plasticizer content
  • Superior abrasion resistance/durability
  • Cold temperature flexibility
  • Low fogging
  • Enables soft touch haptics
  • Consistent matte gloss/no visible weld lines on grained class “A” surfaces
  • Injection moldable soft skin solution
  • Improved VOC performance
  • Enables injection molding of large, thin-walled parts
  • Enables vehicle weight savings
  • Improved aging performance
  • Safer airbag deployment
  • Improved interior air quality
  • Improved perceived quality
  • Meets OEM performance specification without painting of class “A” surface
  • System level cost savings
    • Uses preferred method of conversion
    • Minimal manufacturing infrastructure needed
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