Weather Strips
Body Seals (including Roof Ditch and Headlamp seals), Window Seals and Glass Encapsulations

Aesthetic qualities are critical, and Kraton products enable more consistent color properties, improve weatherability and reduce molding defects. To improve the touch and feel of haptics, our polymers offer low hardness materials, enhancing the ability to produce softer surfaces. 

Kraton high flow polymers enable formulators to mold with lower pressures, making the overmolding process more consistent and reduce process-related defects for corner molding and joints, even if the joined materials are not TPE. In the case of glass encapsulation, lower molding pressures result in less glass breakage.

Due to the excellent compatibilization and high flow properties, Kraton can increase profile extrusion quality metrics and line speed – issues that historically hampered the EPDM extrusion process.

With performance enhancement in many different areas of the automotive weatherstrip and seal systems, our TPE polymers can provide enhanced performance and additional value over traditional materials used in today’s systems.


  • Compounding
  • Injection molding
  • Extrusion


  • Kraton™ G1651
  • Kraton™ G1651, Kraton™ G1633,  Kraton™ FG1901, Kraton™ MD6684 (Coextruded/Overmolded Seals)
  • Kraton G1633 (Weatherstrips/Body Seals)
  • Kraton G1633 (Foamed Bulbs)
  • Kraton G1651, Kraton™ G1641, Kraton™ MD6951, Kraton™ MD1648 (Encapsulation)
  • Easy processability
  • Good sealing performance
  • Fast cycle time
  • Can be reprocessed and recycled
  • Cold temperature flexibility
  • Higher flow properties
  • Fewer quality defects in final application
  • Less glass damage
  • More efficient compounding
  • Enhanced adhesion properties for corner molding, over molding lower durometer soft surface on rigid parts and “butt” molding of seal systems


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