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From the healthcare professionals working in hospitals to the patients who rely on their care, all of them depend on safe, reliable medical equipment to perform the daily job of saving lives. Kraton is proud to be part of that value chain as our products help deliver the key benefits to making that possible.

Kraton offers advanced, engineered synthetic elastomers designed to meet stringent requirements of medical devices, eliminate health concerns from plasticizers and resolve Type I allergies caused by natural rubber. Our polymers and polymer-modified systems can replace natural rubber or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) but are formulated without PVC, phthalates and plasticizers.


Cariflex™ Polyisoprene Products

The Cariflex polyisoprene products are ideal for applications that demand extreme purity, comfort, exceptional protection and consistent high quality. These products are superior alternatives to natural rubber (NR) since it is free of the naturally-occurring proteins and eliminates Type 1 allergic reactions, which can occur through frequent exposure to NR. These high-strength materials are used in the production of soft, comfortable surgical gloves; leak-resistant medical stoppers; and resilient physiotherapy and tourniquet bands.

Kraton is committed to creating custom solutions that drives market innovation. ERS SEBS polymers and Cariflex polyisoprenes are products of our comprehensive R&D capabilities and long-term polymers expertise. Our market leadership is backed by superior product quality, world-class customer service and a commitment to building and maintaining customer partnerships. We can also conduct molecular-level polymer design to deliver enhanced performance characteristics as required by end-product manufacturers.

Medical Disclaimer

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