Sustainable Coating Building Blocks


Kraton offers the coating industry a broad portfolio of renewable products to choose from - nearly all of which have achieved the Bio based Certification clarifying the bio-content. From enhancing corrosion resistance to improving aesthetics, our sustainable solutions can help meet performance needs while meeting sustainability demands. Our global presence allow access to different raw materials compositions, ensuring a diversified set of performances.

Our TOFA-based alkyd binders generate up to 10 times lower carbon dioxide emissions compared to vegetable oil-based alternatives due to its no land-use change impact. This allows the coatings industry to decrease carbon footprint, enhance performance and enable the development of more sustainable coatings without compromising on quality.





Coating Products
Sustainable Solutions for the Intelligent Bioeconomy

Removable Coatings


UNlDYME™ products are dimerized fatty acids characterized by high composition consistency and constant high quality. They are designed, among others, for the manufacture of polyamide curing agents, adhesion pro motors for PVC plastisols, UV curing resins, UPR flexibilizer and thixotropic additives.

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Barrier Coatings


SYLVATAL™ products contain 10-40 percent rosin acids. They combine the advantages of fatty acids and rosin acids - making them an ideal raw material for functional products. SYLVATAL products also help provide hardness improvement for indoor varnishes with high gloss and excellent water and alkali resistance. With the rosin being partial water soluble, SYLVATAL can be used in slow releasing fertilizer/seed coatings as well.

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Roof Coatings


SYLFAT and CENTURY™ fatty acids are useful in a wide range of industrial applications. These products have a unique degree of unsaturation and fatty acid distribution related to their region of origin. SYLFAT TOFA provides a combination of light color, good color stability and air drying properties. They are used in different binder systems and surfactants to achieve high-performance coating systems. CENTURY products can offer a variety of unique properties including low levels of unsaturation and excellent oxidative stability.

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UNI-REZ™ polyamides offer a combination of properties including excellent adhesion, pigment wetting and gloss, fast solvent release, resistance to water, chemicals and deep freeze conditions. Thixotropic polyamides provide non-drip performance, ease of use, polar-solvent resistance and increased rheology control for alkyd binder formulators.

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Removable Maskants

Tall Oil Rosin

SYLVAROS™ rosin and disproportionated rosins can be used for the manufacture of emulsifiers for the polymerization process and pigment coating. It can also be an anchoring agent, improving adhesive properties. With the rosin being partial water soluble, SYLVATAL can be used in slow releasing anti-fouling coatings as well.

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Coating Products

Barrier Coatings


SYLVACOTE™ 7003 resin is a maleic modified glycerin ester of tall oil rosin used in nitrocellulose coatings for hardness and durability purposes. The material can be found in wood finishing for cabinets and lacquer sealers.





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