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Coatings with Kraton solutions are found in many everyday products, helping to provide long-term protection for enduring quality all year round. Kraton is the only pine chemical provider with a global footprint. Our vertical integration in tall oil and dimer fatty acids processing makes us uniquely qualified to deliver high product consistency and performance for coating applications. Our broad portfolio of performance chemicals offer formulators and end users a wide range of innovative technologies.

Our Tall Oil Fatty Acid (TOFA) is used in different binder systems and surfactants to achieve high-performance coating systems. TOFA delivers high hardness, gloss, color stability and fast drying properties for excellent product consistency and long-lasting aesthetics. With biobased content up to 100 percent, the renewable material significantly reduces the carbon footprint of every paint job.



SYLFATâ„¢ TOFA Improves Sustainability and Performance
Sustainable Solutions for the Intelligent Bioeconomy

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From enhancing corrosion resistance to improving aesthetics, our sustainable coating solutions can help meet performance needs while meeting sustainability demands. Our global presence allow access to different raw materials compositions, ensuring a diversified set of performances.


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100% Bio Based

Fast Hardness

High Gloss Retention

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Sustainably Engineered

Kraton strives to provide the industry with biobased alternatives to fossil-based materials, at better or at least equal performance, but at lower carbon footprint. Compared to other vegetable-based alternatives, our products enable the saving of up to 10 times the CO2 equivalent emissions. They also offer the added benefit of not being genetically modified, not edible and our feedstock does not compete with land for food crops. We conduct life cycle assessments on key products, through an expert third party, which provides insights of a product's environmental footprint from cradle to gate.


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