Protect Metallic Substrates During Chemical Milling


Removable Maskants

Kraton™  G SEBS and Kraton™ D SBS polymers are designed to make protective, removable films used as chemical milling and blanking maskants in the aerospace industry. The high-strength polymer films are dip- or spray-applied to metal work pieces during chemical processing.  When the milling operation is complete, the film is readily removed, leaving no residue on close-tolerance, finely detailed etched surfaces. Kraton G SEBS and Kraton D SBS are soluble in a wide range of common solvents and offers excellent resistance to chemicals used in the milling process.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent chemical resistance against etching media
  • Superior protection for metal substrates during chemical milling
  • Excellent hydrolysis resistance, so milling performance is excellent
  • Easy removal after milling with no residue
  • Soluble in a wide range of common solvents
  • Stable solutions with high solids content
  • Easy application by dip or spray
  • Films exhibit high strength