Kraton-based compounds have a long history of use in sporting goods and leisure applications. Its soft touch, transparency and elasticity are just some of the features provided to compounders, allowing them to satisfy the market needs.

Bicycle manufacturers use Kraton G-based compounds to provide riders with gear shifters and grips that are soft to the touch yet have good outdoor weatherability. More sophisticated designs overmold softer grade compounds on top of harder grades to provide superior grip. Kraton G compounds are used for pocket knife handles, golf club grips and ski pole grips.

Kraton compounds are also used in water sports equipment. It helps create the flexibility and toughness of swim fins. ERS polymers allow formulating soft and transparent compounds suitable to make swim goggles, snorkel mouthpieces and head bands without the addition of phthalates for an environmentally-friendly experience. Compounds based on Kraton are also used in chest expander tubes where excellent strength and elasticity are vital. Other applications include shin guards, mouth guards and gel cushions.