Kraton polymers are used in a wide range of toy applications. Compounds based on our polymers provide an excellent balance in price and performance, contain no phthalate plasticizers or natural rubber proteins and meet EN 71-3:2013 toy safety standard.

Kraton D polymers can be compounded with high-impact polystyrene for applications that are Shore A 70 or higher in hardness. These compounds serve as better, safer PVC alternatives for small figure toys. Compounds with Kraton D polymers can also be painted to meet OEM requirements. Soft Kraton D compounds are used for wheels of remote-controlled toy cars and other small toy parts.

Kraton G compounds can pass bite tests for children’s toys. The polymers can be extended with high amounts of oil to make soft compounds in Shore OO hardness range. The product is transparent and can be made into wall crawlers, water balls, doll heads or toy snakes. The compounds provide skin-like feel and can be made into masks for special effects in movies. New developments also allow products to be rotational molded.