Versatile Solutions

Improve Oil Gel Performance

Whether you need to keep water out of wire and cables or create skincare lotion that keeps moisture in, oil gels based on Kraton polymers can deliver a balance of comfort and durability for a wide range of consumer or industrial applications.

Oil gels, also called oleogels, are modified oils with highly versatile properties, offering endless possibilities for new uses and formulations in a variety of applications. As a mixture of styrenic block copolymers (SBC) and oils, oil gels can achieve high flexibility and transparency. Our manufacturing capabilities allow for narrow molecular specification ranges during production, making oil gels highly suitable in sensitive applications requiring high-quality consistency.

Oil gels have a minimum amount of 80 percent oil, and the final gel form can be either liquid or solid. In most cases, the final form can be pumped or poured at ambient or elevated temperatures. Increasing the amount of polymeric gelling agent beyond 20 percent by weight generally reduces the formulation’s ability to process, pump and pour. In those cases, other processing technologies like compounding, extrusion and injection molding are recommended.


Features and Benefits

  • Broad range of applications
  • High formulation versatility
  • Wide range of rheological profiles
  • Suitable for highly-regulated applications
  • Low viscosity for easy mixing and handling
  • Compatible with variety of oils
  • High clarity and transparency
  • Excellent film forming properties
  • Strong moisture resistance
  • FDA coverage on most polymers
  • High stability and consistency
  • Can be made tacky or non-tacky
  • Ability to be crosslinked for thermoset gels
  • Can be foamed



Designed for reliable connection

Telecommunication Cable Filling

To ensure consumers experience uninterrupted internet connection, telecommunication cables need to resist and remain protected from water access that often leads to signal loss or attenuation.


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Balance strength and comfort

Comfort Cushioning

From an athlete training for intense competitions to a manager working at the desk for long periods of time, finding the right balance of cushion comfort and support is critical to achieving both their goals.


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Create a visible difference

Health and Beauty

The global cosmetic industry is constantly evolving with new trends and emerging customer segments, especially as personalized beauty care increases. Kraton’s state-of-the-art polymer solutions for specialty oil gels offer the flexibility to create endless possibilities for new uses and formulations to meet the industry’s growing needs.


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