Bituminous Emulsions

Bituminous emulsions offer an excellent solution for road maintenance and preservation. Kraton SBS copolymers can be used in emulsions to provide added elasticity, adhesion, and durability to a variety of pavement applications.


SBS polymers are dispersed within the bitumen phase, rather than the water phase of the emulsion, as is the case with conventional latex-based emulsions. This allows SBS-modified emulsions to be utilized with softer bitumen grades, leading to improved fatigue and low-temperature performance properties.
Additionally, the microstructure of Kraton SBS copolymers can be specifically designed to allow for ease of emulsification, improved storage stability, and for use at much higher dosage levels than conventional SBS copolymers, especially in softer base asphalts.



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Particle size distribution of SBS modified emulsion made with different types of polymer.



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