SYLVAROAD™ RP1000 Performance Additive takes asphalt recycling to the next level through high-end reuse of recycled asphalt. The additive improves resource efficiency by reducing the need for new aggregates and bitumen, and significantly decreasing environmental impact produced by road construction. The pine chemical additive enhances asphalt mix performance so that high recycled content can be used in surface layer paving mixes, rather than only in sub-surface layers. Derived from crude tall oil (CTO), a biobased raw material that is a byproduct of the paper industry, SYLVAROAD™ RP1000 Performance Additive makes effective use of existing resources to ensure road construction is safer and more sustainable.



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Reclaimed Asphalt Performance ‘At Least Equal’ to Virgin Materials, Says Skanska

Project development and construction company Skanska has begun using what it calls “unprecedented amounts” of recycled asphalt (RA) in all layers of road and is achieving positive results in performance and sustainability.

Source: www.environmentalleader.com 

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