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Kraton is an innovator and leading manufacturer of styrenic block copolymers (SBC), a building block for many personal care products essential to everyday life. Our broad product portfolio offers a range of performance attributes, depending on the chemistry and consumer use requirements in personal, decolation and elastic hygiene products.

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Kraton polymers enable elastic film products to have the soft elasticity that offers a snug, comfortable fit in baby diapers. Kraton™ SIS and Kraton™ SBS polymers are used in the waistbands, ear tabs and stretch side panels of these applications. The range of elongation and tensile strength allows manufacturers to design products that fit a wide range of body shapes and sizes. These elastic films are converted into laminates and provide excellent recovery to withstand the repeated pull up-and-down cycles required in child training pants and adult incontinence products. Our enhanced rubber segment (ERS) polymer is designed for the melt blowing process where fabrics offer bi-directional stretch for an excellent fit and good breathability in adult incontinence underwear.  

The comfort feel associated with thermoplastic elastomers are ideal for molding soft-touch grips on toothbrushes and razor handles. Kraton™ G is compatible with olefin substrates, and Kraton™ A is compatible with engineering thermoplastics. Adhesives formulated with elastomers are used as construction adhesives and elastic attachment adhesives in diaper assembly.


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Reliable Stability & Flexibility

Sylvaclear™ Rosin Esters for Depilatory Waxes
Sylvaclear™ biobased rosin esters are designed to provide improved color stability, flexibility, and compatibility for depilatory waxes.

Medical Bags

Reliable Comfort

Personal Hygiene Absorbent Products
Comfort, fit and reliability are key properties for personal hygiene products like diapers, training pants, adult incontinence and feminine care products.

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Barrier Coatings

Reliable Comfort with soft touch

Personal Grooming
Kraton styrenic block copolymers (SBC) form an integrated part of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE-S) compounds that are being used for overmolding comfort grips on consumer products such as toothbrushes and razors to improve aesthetic haptics or wet grip performance.