Reliable performance

Core Rubber Additives

Core rubber additives enable manufacturers to control the rubber manufacturing process or the rubber compounding process to achieve optimal properties. With a proven history of supplying the rubber industry, Kraton’s product portfolio offers a selection of additives that delivers reliable performance.

SYLFAT ™ FA2 is a tall oil fatty acid (TOFA) that is similar to stearic acid but in liquid form. The product is used in rubber compounds for decades because it helps reduce blooming and increase tack. Unlike other fatty acids, however, TOFA does not compete with the food chain.

SYLVAROS™ DRS 40 and SYLVAROS DRS 42 are catalytically disproportionated tall oil rosin potassium soaps. The disproportionation step converts abietic acid into the more oxidation-resistant dehydroabietic acid isomer. The low abietic acid content minimizes interaction with the catalyst-initiator system and does not influence the polymer chain length during the polymerization of SBR rubber.

SYLVATAL ™ D30LR is a distilled tall oil (DTO), a mixture of tall oil fatty acid and tall oil rosin. It has been used to combine the benefits of individual components for optimal performance.

Features and Benefits
  • Biobased
  • Non-food source
  • Non-animal source


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