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UNI-REZ™ Thixotropic Polyamides

UNI-REZ™ thixotropic polyamides provide performance well beyond the capabilities of other competing technologies for controlling the rheology of structured non-drip gloss paints and varnishes. Kraton thixotropic grades are non-reactive polyamide resin for use in thixotropic alkyds.



Product name Origin Product description

UNI-REZ™ 2521


UNI-REZ 2521 (formerly UNI-REZ 521) thermoplastic polyamide resin is designed to impart a high degree of thixotropy to alkyd resins. UNI-REZ 2521 can be easily processed and achieves its clear point on dilution before attainment of maximum thixotropy.

UNI-REZ™ 2532


UNI-REZ 2532 forms very strong and rigid thixotropic gels that are resistant to high levels of polar solvents.


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