Kraton’s Radiation Curable Polymer Delivers Excellent UV Reactivity

HOUSTON – June 23, 2020 Kraton Corporation (NYSE: KRA), a leading global sustainable producer of specialty polymers and high-value biobased products derived from pine wood pulping co-products, announces its new Kraton™ DX0222, a styrenic block copolymer designed for radiation-curable and pressure-sensitive hot-melt adhesives.


“Radiation-curing technology is a fast-growing area offering opportunities to achieve properties such as high temperature and solvent resistance that are not possible with traditional systems,” says Peter Migchels, Global Adhesives Marketing Director at Kraton. “Ultraviolet and electron beam curing technologies can be used in different hot-melt systems, but they require dedicated products to achieve proper reactivity, good adhesion properties and low, stable viscosities. Kraton DX0222 polymer can be formulated similar to conventional hot-melt adhesives and offers the high performance that formulators need.”


Kraton DX0222 has high thermal stability at normal process temperatures with excellent reactivity towards radiation curing. It is compatible with SIS and SBS-based adhesives, so it can be processed on the same lines. Compared to competitive systems, Kraton DX0222 shows excellent adhesion on non-polar substrates, and its hydrophobic character provides excellent water resistance. Kraton’s SYLVALITE™ RE 80HP resin can be combined with Kraton DX0222 to deliver excellent adhesive performance with minimal impact on UV reactivity.


About Kraton Corporation  
Kraton Corporation (NYSE: KRA) is a leading global sustainable producer of specialty polymers and high-value biobased products derived from pine wood pulping co-products. Kraton's polymers are used in a wide range of applications including adhesives, coatings, consumer and personal care products, sealants, lubricants, medical, packaging, automotive, paving and roofing applications. As the largest global provider in the pine chemicals industry, the company's pine-based specialty products are sold into adhesives, roads and construction and tire markets, and it produces and sells a broad range of performance chemicals into markets that include fuel additives, oilfield chemicals, coatings, metalworking fluids, lubricants, inks, flavors and fragrances and mining. Kraton offers its products to a diverse customer base in numerous countries worldwide. Kraton, the Kraton logo, and SYLVALITE are all trademarks or registered trademarks of Kraton Corporation, or its subsidiaries or affiliates, in one or more, but not all countries.  


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