Modifying Polypropylene with Kraton Polymers
Kraton MD1648™ Polymer for Face Masks

Kraton polymers have been used as polypropylene (PP) modifiers to improve impact strength for automotive parts, shipping totes and food storage containers. Even at small doses, between 3-10 percent, our polymers can be efficient impact modifiers for PP. It is important to note that Kraton polymers are stronger elastomers compared to other olefinic elastomers – due their phase separation morphology – so a lower percentage is effective.

Kraton™ MD1648, a styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene (SEBS) polymer, is the latest modifier for high melt flow PP. The polymer delivers an enhanced flow capability never before seen in the styrenic block copolymer industry.

Due to its molecular design, Kraton MD1648 offers the highest melt flow and lowest viscosity in our portfolio. The very high melt flow makes it easy to apply, mold, cast or process with low residual stress while using processes specifically requiring low viscosity.

The low viscosity allows for higher throughput or lower operating temperatures while potentially eliminating the need for plasticizers. This results in lower electricity usage during formulating or compounding, and less pressure during molding, with the potential for faster cycle times.

Another benefit of its low viscosity, Kraton MD1648 enables significant dispersion improvements. This minimizes agglomeration of additives and pigments, which can improve capabilities to achieve bright or dark colors.

Specifically, Kraton MD1648 can be used in:

  • Low application temperature hot melt adhesives
  • Textile adhesives for sew-free assembly
  • High flow PP modifier
  • Oil/plasticizer-free compounds
  • PP/long glass fiber composites for enhanced impact
  • Breathable, elastic melt blown nonwovens
  • Masterbatch carrier for difficult additives and pigments
  • High flow automotive compounds
  • Soft, transparent polypropylene compounds
  • PVC alternate formulations for molded and extruded goods

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting face mask shortages, nonwoven distributors turn to Kraton MD1648 to meet rising demands for filter components, which are used as a modifier for high flow PP resins in melt blown processes to enhance elasticity and to minimize fiber breaks. These melt blown nonwovens are being used as face mask filter media.

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