Adhesive International Seminar Showcases
Innovations for Better Formulations
Industry event delivers exceptional value to adhesive market

Kraton’s Adhesive International Seminar in Brazil attracted more than 100 manufacturers throughout South America to learn about the latest innovations for adhesive applications. Kraton has hosted this technical seminar for the past six years, bringing together industry experts to share new ways of improving product formulations for better end-use performance.


“South America is an important adhesives market for Kraton, and this program supports industry collaboration to continuously advance research and development in the region,” said Marcelo Quaiatti, Kraton’s South America Sales Manager. “By offering relevant, valuable information about industry trends and product solutions, we are helping to address market needs.”


The program includes presentations from several speakers on polymer and tackifier offerings as well as oil and antioxidant solutions. Key innovations include:

  • SVYLALITE™ 9000 rosin ester tackifier. Designed for hot-melt adhesives, this biobased solution delivers light color, stability and excellent adhesion.
  • SYLVARES™ 1000 Series terpene phenolic tackifier. Engineered for specialty pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) applications, this product provides balanced adhesion and cohesion with formulation flexibility.
  • SYLVARES 6100 styrenated terpene tackifiers. Non-limonene-based offering with light color and broad compatibility.
  • AQUATAC™ 2600 tackifier dispersion. Made for water-based adhesives in PSA applications, the tackifier enables high cohesion and improved adhesion on low-surface-energy (LSE) substrates.
  • Kraton™ MD1648 and Kraton™ MD6951. Ideal for low, viscosity, hot-melt textile adhesive, these enhanced rubber segment (ERS) polymers offer excellent compatibility with oil, polypropylene and polyethylene; high elasticity; low melt viscosity; and soft properties.
  • Kraton™ MD1653. Hydrogenated styrenic block copolymer (HSBC) with good tensile strength and low solution viscosity, melt viscosity and processing and application temperature. Broad application in coatings, sealants, adhesives and impact modifier and compounding.

For more information, visit Kraton Adhesive. For details on future seminars, contact Marcelo Quaiatti at Marcelo.Quaiatti@Kraton.Com.