SYLFAT™ TOFA Improves Sustainability and Performance

Sustainable Solutions for the Intelligent Bioeconomy

SYLFAT Tall Oil Fatty Acid (TOFA), developed by Kraton, enables alkyd binder and paint formulators to achieve faster drying and early hardness development while attaining high gloss performance. The product is 100 percent biobased, allowing manufacturers to lower their carbon footprint in the value chain. Unlike most alternatives, TOFA is not part of the food chain.

SYLFAT TOFA is certified by the European Biobased Certification Scheme, which verifies if a product is wholly or partially derived from biomass. In the kraft paper making process, pine trees are processed to make pulp for paper. During this processing step, byproduct chemicals from the pine trees are collected and sent to Kraton. One of these paper process byproducts is crude tall oil (CTO.)  Kraton further refines and upgrades the CTO to produce a variety of biobased specialty chemicals including TOFA.

Since Kraton’s TOFA is made from existing pine wood forests that are grown and harvested specifically for the paper industry, the product does not compete with agricultural land. In fact, this biobased product helps reduce environmental footprint while maintaining the excellent characteristics that deliver exceptional value to countless applications. Watch the video below to learn how our world-class biorefineries produce TOFA to help enable a more intelligent bioeconomy and a sustainable future for everyone.

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