A large part of our business consists of products derived from renewable resources and many of these products are independently certified as biobased. From medical devices to sustainable paint, our biobased solutions advance the bio-economy and deliver exceptional value that enhances peoples’ lives.


We have more than 100 biobased-certified products. Our certified products meet our customers’ requirements for safer, more sustainable alternatives and help to improve their own products’ sustainability performance.


Kraton’s biobased solutions are sourced from responsibly managed forests that do not compete with food crops, are not genetically modified and do not require land-use change.

To see the full list of certified products, visit biobasedcontent.eu/en/certificate-holders/


The biobased certification provides scientific, independently-verified, evidence of our products’ biomass content. The Biobased Certification Scheme was pioneered by the Netherlands Standardization Institute to specify and validate a product’s biomass amount based on the European Standard EN 16785-1. Certification audits are undertaken by NEN-approved independent certification bodies and product samples are analyzed by recognized testing laboratories. To learn more about the certification scheme, visit www.biobasedcontent.eu