As a global enterprise, Kraton interacts with many stakeholders worldwide. We strive to ensure customers, investors, policymakers and community residents are informed of our activities. We aim to conduct open dialogue, share issues, build trust and create value-added solutions. Based on identified material topics, we regularly explore who and how we should engage. Below are key stakeholders and ways we engage with them.


  • Communities: volunteering and donations to local charities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), engagement with local government and association participation, regular emergency preparedness reviews with first responders
  • Customers: regular meetings, customer satisfaction surveys, EcoVadis Sustainability scorecard
  • Employees: annual performance reviews, employee engagement surveys, corporate intranet, quarterly company magazine, town halls, quarterly employee conference calls, regular safety meetings, quarterly compliance trainings, Lean Six Sigma trainings, ethics hotline, local engagement councils
  • Governments: meetings and engagement with government officials on legislative and regulatory issues
  • Industry: national industry association memberships and national standardization associations, American Chemistry Council (ACC), Responsible Care®, European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC), Pine Chemicals Association (PCA)
  • Shareholders: quarterly earnings calls and webcasts, regular meetings with institutional investors and Kraton leadership, annual engagement on executive compensation and governance
  • Suppliers: Supplier Code of Conduct, supplier performance assessments, Responsible Procurement Program