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Kraton contributes to the circular economy by enabling a holistic approach to plastic product life cycle. We offer versatile multi-resin compatibilization in wide range of applications for virgin materials, bioplastics and post-consumer and industrial plastic recycling streams.

Kraton styrenic block copolymers show excellent recyclability, enabling recyclable end product design, increased post-consumer resin (PCR) content and repeated reuse of recycled plastics across different markets. Our products are successfully used for upcycling post-consumer and industrial waste streams, including typically non-compatible materials and difficult-to-recycle engineering polymers. Besides significant product properties enhancements, our thermoplastic polymers enable the shift from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and silicones to safer alternatives.

Learn about our new product line CirKular+™ specially designed for Plastics Upcycling and Bioplastics modification.

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Superior Mechanical Properties
Proven Packaging Durability
High Impact Resistance
Multi-resin, Virgin and Recycled
Streams Compatibility

Sustainability Appeal
Lower CO2 Emissions
Packaging Aesthetics
Helping You and Your Customer
Achieve Sustainability Commitments

Cost-Saving Formulation
Enables Circular Economy
Raw Material Complexity Reduction
Enhanced Process Efficiency


Features and Benefits

  • Superior mechanical performance
  • Proven packaging durability
  • High impact resistance
  • Multi-resin virgin and recycled streams compatibility
  • Lower carbon footprint*
  • Improve packaging aesthetics
  • Cost-saving formulation
  • Enables circular economy
  • Raw material complexity reduction
  • Enhanced process efficiency

Diverse end markets

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Food and Non-Food Packaging

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Personal Care

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