Dear Valued Supplier,


Sustainability is an integral part to achieve Kraton’s vision to remain an admired specialty chemical company that delivers exceptional value to shareholders, customers and employees. We commit to sustainable operations in the interest of all our stakeholders. We believe that long-term value in a resource-constrained world can only be achieved by a commitment to safe, compliant, socially- and environmentally-sound operations that deliver sustainable, useful and competitive solutions to our customers. We cannot deliver on our commitments without the commitment and contributions of our key-partners.

At Kraton we value business relationships that are sound, effective and built on trust, mutual respect and common values. Our program “Sustainable Procurement: Making a Positive Difference” with overarching aim to accelerate environmental and social improvements across our supply chain in collaboration with our key-partners. Collaboration is what it is all about, we are in it together, despite the maturity in this area, the focus is to grow and improve together.

To accelerate the Positive Difference Program, Kraton joined Together for Sustainability (TfS). TfS currently hosts a large number of reputable, global, multinational chemical companies, that have consistently shown their commitment to sustainability over the years. TfS membership continues to grow – please refer to http://www.tfs-initiative.com for further information about the alliance and its members.

Kraton has integrated the TfS framework in our Sustainable Procurement Policy and Procedures. First Kraton requires suppliers to commit to Kraton’s Supplier Code of Conduct. Second is the implementation of TfS globally applicable tools – TfS Assessments and TfS Audits – to create transparency of the sustainability performance of chemical companies and their suppliers and to collaborate to continuously improve performance. Vendors are selected based on spend and CSR risk (country, industry and procurement -risk).

To understand the performance of these suppliers we request them to validate their organization by a TfS-assessment, which is a CSR performance review performed by Ecovadis.

Whether you are a supplier at the beginning of your sustainability journey or an industry leader, we value your contributions and transparency. Your input is instrumental to continuously improve the environmental and social footprint we have in the world. Collectively, we drive impact!

To facilitate growing and improving together the TfS Academy is launched. The TfS Academy is a capability building and training program. Trainings  will be available to buyers and suppliers in the areas of Procurement, Health and Safety, Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Emissions and more. The TfS academy is a foundational building block of our Responsible Procurement Program to foster sustainability in our supply chain.

Your regular contact in Kraton is available to answer any questions pertaining to our strategy and how it affects you.

Thank you in advance for joining this strategic initiative and for your investment in time to complete the assessment or audit. We are counting on your participation in this program and look forward to our continued partnership. Together we will make a Positive Difference!

Best regards,



VP Procurement and supply chain
Polymer BU



VP Procurement and supply chain
Chemical BU