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Suzanne Pesgens
Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer

"We take another step towards maturity in Responsible Procurement with our Positive Difference program. We extend our supplier coverage and increase visibility of our key partners’ CSR performance. " Read More...


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Kraton strives to make a Positive Difference to our customers, in our jobs and to the world.

We achieve this through a commitment to safe, compliant, socially- and environmentally-sound operations that help create long-term value in a resource-constrained world. We cannot deliver on that without our partners’ contributions.


Kraton’s Responsible Procurement Program focuses on our key partners, their products and services, and our supply chain as a whole. Our objective is to accelerate environmental and social improvements across our supply chain by identifying and mitigating supply chain risks, creating value through continuous improvement and seeking collaboration and joint development opportunities.


Responsible Procurement Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is increasingly embedded in each step of our procurement process and interactions with key partners. Please have a look at Kraton’s Responsible Procurement Policy for more information about the various ways we strive to create sustainable partnerships.


Supplier Code of Conduct

We require our employees to act in accordance with the highest ethical and legal standards. Similarly, we are determined to work with key partners who are committed to the same principles of sustainability and ethical behavior. Our Supplier Code of Conduct clearly states our compliance expectations.

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Sustainability Report - Procurement

To date 135 suppliers have performed the EcoVadis CSR assessment. In 2019, 20 onsite audits were conducted. More information about our achievements will be published in Kraton’s 2019 Sustainability Report.



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We collaborate with EcoVadis to define and measure our suppliers’ sustainability performance. EcoVadis specializes in analyzing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in companies by analyzing the complete value chain. With more then 20,000 assessed suppliers worldwide, EcoVadis is the global market leader in the field of sustainability rating.

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Achieving Sustainability Together

How Kraton collaborates with MKS Marmara to improve responsible procurement

MKS Marmara, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, is a leading manufacturer and global exporter of Pentaerythritol with 190 employees. Founded in 1976, the company also produces Sodium Formate...

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