A key part of sustainability involves engaging and valuing people. Our employees around the world play a critical role in our success, as our human capital is critical to Kraton’s long-term value creation. Most importantly, our employees make a Positive Difference every day.


Our employee value proposition (EVP) provides an engagement tool for answering the question, “Why work for Kraton?” It is used in conjunction with our vision and strategy to complete the equation: Engagement = Trust + Clarity + Purpose.


Our cohesive leadership programs help build trust throughout the organization and ensure clear priorities to establish clarity, in alignment with the EVP to better understand purpose. Ultimately, the EVP helps Kraton’s employees and candidates understand and guide all aspects of their working career including:

  • recruitment,
  • engagement,
  • pay and benefits,
  • learning and development,
  • career growth and
  • retention.


Training & Development
Kraton actively builds our employees’ capabilities and skills. Leaders are trained to implement the Kraton Smart (operational and analytical work) and Healthy (organizational clarity, cohesive leadership and behavioral alignment) model into the organization.


We strive to create a fair workplace, free of discrimination. We conduct workplace fairness and anti-harassment training to employees in Asia, Europe, South America and the United States, with local languages available. This training focuses on treating all employees with dignity and respect – a cornerstone of our ethics policy. Kraton hosts this training on an ongoing basis and new employees receive the same content.


Our Leadership Essentials course helps develop even more capable leaders with a focus on learning more about themselves, their development and working with others on their growth. Leaders in the United States, Asia, South America and Europe were included in the training.


Kraton also provides senior level development in change management – a key ingredient in engagement – as well as other strategic initiatives through partnerships with major universities.


We believe in giving back to the communities in which we operate. Whether by partnering with local organizations, contributing to charitable causes or providing volunteers…




Supplier management ensures that we conduct business with reliable suppliers in alignment with environmental, social and ethical standards. We expect suppliers to fully comply with the law at all times, and we strive to work with those that manage environmental and social risks.




Kraton is committed to 100 percent compliance, 100 percent of the time. Compliance work is overseen by the Audit Committee of the Board and the internal Corporate Compliance Committee (CCC), which reports to the Audit Committee.