SBC Inventor Webinar Series
Kraton Innovative Solutions for TPE Compounding
October 19, 2023
CirKular+™ Certified Solutions for Plastics Upcycling and a Circular Economy
October 26, 2023
Advanced Anti-Fog Performance with Nexar™ Technology
November 2, 2023

SBC Inventor Webinar Series: Kraton Innovative Solutions for TPE Compounding

Kraton Innovative Solutions for TPE Compounding

October 19, 2023

 10:00 AM CST (11:00 AM EST)

Technology innovation is instrumental for industry ambitions towards a circular economy and sustainable future. Kraton’s dedicated commitment to innovation can help propel our customers on their sustainability journey with game-changing high-performance sustainable solutions. This webinar will benefit TPE Compounders, formulators and TPE users.

Register to learn how Kraton’s innovations can help:

  • Expand your formulation toolkit for improved performance and new functionalities
  • Increase durability and aesthetics for your products
  • Achieve recyclable/circular design without trade-offs
  • Lower your product carbon footprint and emissions.

Presented By

Aparajita Bhattacharya

Staff R&D Scientist, Kraton Polymers

Highly knowledgeable scientist with >10 years of experience in new polymer and solutions development for medical and healthcare applications. Aparajita has a solid expertise in polymer physics and rheology, mechanical property characterization, elucidating structure-property relations, and application development.

SBC Inventor Webinar Series: CirKular+™ Certified Solutions for Plastics Upcycling and a Circular Economy

CirKular+™ Certified Solutions for Plastics Upcycling and a Circular Economy

October 26, 2023

 10:00 AM CST (11:00 AM EST)

Industry focus on circular design has become a critical part of the corporate sustainability strategy and innovation to increase end-of-life recyclability. The use of recycled or renewable materials reduces the dependence on fossil-based alternatives and lowers carbon footprint. Kraton’s CirKular+ solutions enable a holistic approach to product lifecycle to help customers reach their sustainability goals and advance the circular economy. This webinar will benefit plastics users, including recyclers, processors, brand owners, and OEMs.

Register to learn how Kraton’s CirKular+ solutions can create value by:

  • Enabling a recyclable design that is fit for purpose
  • Maximizing content of mechanically recycled plastics to enhance recyclate performance
  • Expanding the reuse of mixed plastic waste with mechanical recycling
  • Lowering carbon footprint in your products
  • Increasing certified renewable content with ISCC PLUS mass balance approach.

*Certifications from Association of Plastics Recyclers, RecyClass and ISCC PLUS

Presented By

Freddy Vervoort

Senior R&D Scientist, Kraton Polymers

Freddy has an extensive expertise in Polymer Chemistry, Research and Development (R&D), and Chemical Engineering with 30+ years of his career focused on developing Styrenic block copolymers and new applications. Freddy is passionate about enabling innovative solutions to meet unmet market needs with a broad experience in polymer modification, compounding and automotive applications. Most recently, Freddy has been supporting the launch of CirKular+™, a new Kraton product line to enable plastics upcycling and circular solutions.

SBC Inventor Webinar Series: Advanced Anti-Fog Performance Delivered by Nexar™ Technology

Advanced Anti-Fog Performance Delivered by Nexar™ Technology

November 2, 2023

 10:00 AM CST (11:00 AM EST)

Fogging of personal protective equipment has be a challenge for healthcare workers, compromising the quality of care with hindered vision. But the era of compromise is over! Nexar Advanced Anti-fog solutions exceed the standards set by both ANSI and ASTM.

This webinar will explain how Kraton can help you:

  • Expand your Market Share. Adopt Nexar anti-fog solutions with up to 10x superior performance as compared to competitive alternatives
  • Leverage Responsible Technology. Our anti-fog coating & film technology reduces substances of concern by not relying on PFAS chemistry
  • Enhance Your Product Portfolio. Elevate your offerings with anti-fog technology that has received clinical validation at one of the top rated hospitals in the world.
  • Safeguard First Responders and Care Givers. Eliminate the trade-off between patient care and personal safety.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation with prolonged anti-fog protective eyewear.

Presented By

Jim Smith

Director, Strategic Initiatives Kraton Polymers

Jim Smith oversees Kraton Corporation’s most significant strategic growth and innovation platforms and operational optimization initiatives in his role as Director of Strategic Initiatives. Prior to this, Jim has led multiple global business P&L’s, built global marketing and sales teams, and created a global distribution network to expand market reach. His experience also includes time spent on the Adhesives and Sealants Council’s (ASC) Board of Directors.

Jim began his career at Shell Oil Company, where he gained a wide range of transferable skills while heading the company’s worldwide supply chain, directing plant operations, supervising technical and engineering teams, and directing important LSS blackbelt activities.

SBC Inventor Webinar Series: Facilitator

Yuliya Streen

Global Specialties Strategic Marketing Director, Kraton Polymers

Yuliya has ~20 years of experience in Strategic Marketing, Business Consulting, and Product Management, specializing in the Chemical market and Consumer Product Goods. Before joining Kraton, Yuliya spent a significant portion of her career in BASF and P&G. Passionate about value creation and sustainable solutions, Yuliya led the global Kraton effort to develop and launch CirKular+™ solutions.