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Since ancient times, bitumen has been used as a sealant and adhesive due to its remarkable waterproofing properties. In the modern world, it has long been used in many civil engineering applications, such as paving and roofing. While it has been added to asphalt mixes for decades, unmodified bitumen can become too brittle at low temperatures and too soft at higher temperatures. As cities throughout the world develop increasing dependency on reliable and age-resilient infrastructure, the limitations of unmodified bitumen create far too many challenges for contractors and civil engineers.
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2015 AAPA International Flexible Pavements Conference
Gold Coast, Australia

September 13-16, 2015

The Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) will hold its annual Flexible Pavements Conference in Gold Coast, Australia on September 13-16, 2015. Kraton, also serving as a conference Silver sponsor, will be showcasing its Highly Modified Asphalt, or HiMA - a revolutionary SBS polymer technology developed specifically for asphalt paving. For questions regarding this show, please contact Marta Afonso.

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2015 International Elastomers Conference
Cleveland, OH

October 13-15, 2015

During the technical meeting portion of the ACS Rubber Division at the International Elastomers Conference, Kraton will present a paper titled The Quest for High Melt Flow: New Kraton® ERS Polymers. Continuing with the success of commercial ERS grades, Kraton recently developed new ERS grades: MD1648, MD6958 and MD6959. The high melt flow attained with these developmental grades, either as a standalone polymer or in compounds with oil and PP, enables downstream customers to develop new compounds, applications, processes for success in today’s increasingly competitive business environment. To learn more, contact Yonghua Zhou.

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