Tall oil rosin (TOR) is a primary biorefinery product based on crude tall oil (CTO) and comparable to the resinous constituent found in pine tree exudates.


SYLVAROS™ GRS and SYLVAROS™ NCY are unmodified tall oil rosin (TOR) with a high content of abietic type rosin acids.  It is especially suited for the manufacture of fortified rosin, paper size and ink resins.


SYLVAROS rosin and Disproportionated Rosins (DR) can be used for the manufacture of emulsifiers for the polymerization process and for pigment coating.  DR grades are suitable for the formulation of solvent-based and hot-melt adhesives as well as in the manufacture of adhesives tapes and rubber products.  Other applications are lacquers, soldering fluxes, sealants, paper sizing agents, marine coatings and the production of rosin derivatives.


SYLVAROS Rosin Soaps and Disproportionated Rosin Soaps (DRS) are used as emulsifiers in the polymerization process of styrene-butadiene rubber, nitrile rubber, polychloroprene and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene plastics. It is also used for the preparation of pigments, as anchoring agent and in the adhesive industry to improve adhesive properties on basis of casein or polymer dispersions.


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