Kraton provides a sustainable alternative to the fuel additives industry with solutions that are high quality, provide improved performance, and are compliant with stringent regulations.​

In addition, Kraton is the largest global manufacturer of tall oil fatty acids (TOFA), which provides reliability, flexibility, and faster response to local markets.

Fuel Additives

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Restore Lubricity in Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel

The desulphurization process significantly reduces the lubricity in diesel fuel. The biobased SYLFAT™ TOFA from Kraton provides a good lubricity response to ULSD diesel fuel.​

Excellent Cold Weather Handling Properties

Kraton’s product line provides improved low-temperature performance for handling and storage.

Excellent No-Harm Performance

SYLFAT tall oil fatty acids from Kraton have a long-proven record of no-harm use in diesel fuel.

Consistent Quality

Kraton pine chemicals intrinsically offer consistent quality regarding composition and specifications.

Reliable and Global Supply

Kraton’s multiple plants and global supply chain provide excellent availability and reliability around the globe.​

Pine-based Sustainability Advantages

  • ESourced from Responsibly Managed Forests
  • ELower Carbon Footprint
  • ENon-food Source
  • EMinimal VOC (CARB LVP-VOC classified)
  • EDoes Not Compete for Land with Food Crops

Fuel Additives Products



SYLFAT™ tall oil fatty acids are useful in a wide range of industrial applications. All SYLFAT tall oil fatty acids (TOFA) have high fatty acid content, low content of rosin acids, and unsaponifiables.

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UNIDYME™️ products are dimerized fatty acids specially designed for the manufacture of polyamide curing agents, other high molecular weight intermediates and certain specialist additive applications. Since it is based on the same feedstocks as our SYLFAT fatty acids, UNIDYME products are characterized by high-composition consistency and consistent high quality.


SYLVATAL™ is a distilled tall oil (DTO) containing 10–40 percent rosin acids. It combines the advantages of fatty acids and rosin acids, making it an ideal raw material for functional products.​ SYLVATAL 10S, 20S, 20/25S and 25/30S are from European (Scandinavian origin) with a specific characteristic to have more double bounds (i.e. higher Iodine Value) than DTO with an origin closer to the equator, such as our SYLVATAL D25LR, SYLVATAL D30LR, and SYLVATAL D40LR.


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