Features and Benefits

  • EHigh strength and elasticity
  • EDurability
  • ETransparency and colorability
  • ESoft touch, excellent wet and dry grip
  • EWide service temperature range
  • EResistance to oxygen, ozone and UV degradation (Kraton G polymers)
  • EMany products meet FDA and EU food contact requirements
  • EEasy to compound with no crosslinking reaction
  • EOvermolding onto a variety of substrates

Compounding Applications

Medical Solutions
Personal Care
Polymer Modification
Consumer Products

Automotive Impact Resistant Compounded Seats

Kraton HSBC polymers can be compounded to satisfy the demanding requirements of the automotive industry, providing improved impact resistance to TPO components, pleasant haptics to soft interior trims and skins, weatherability, and weight saving to sealing systems.

Medical Tubings and Equipments For over 30 years, the medical industry has trusted Kraton to deliver high-performing solutions to meet their stringent needs for exceptional quality and safety.


Kraton is a pioneer and leading manufacturer of styrenic block copolymers (SBC), a key component in a wide range of personal care products we use daily. Our diverse product portfolio provides a variety of performance advantages in personal, decolation, and elastic hygiene products.

Kraton polymers are blended with plastics such as styrenics, polyolefins, and engineering thermoplastics to improve performance, particularly impact, by toughening these plastics at low or room temperatures. Depending on application needs, either transparent or non-transparent solutions can be offered. These polymers help compatibilize different plastics to bring out the best in each material, enhance the impact strength of scrap or regrind materials, and improve processability to allow for higher filler or reinforcement loadings.

Consumer Products

Widely used for creating thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds across multiple consumer durable and disposable applications, Kraton Polymers have been designed to enhance the functionalities and performance of a broad range of end products and use cases. The unique composition of our block copolymers enables compounders to improve existing products, create new products and pioneer innovative applications.

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