Road markings are a critical component of traffic safety. Road markings provide the visibility needed to stay in the intended lane and determine what is down the road. Kraton biobased products enable formulators to develop thermoplastic road markings with long-lasting, high-visibility performance. ​

Thermoplastic is the most popular and cost-effective permanent road marking technology due to its fast return-to-service, long service life, high retro-reflectivity, and lack of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. Our road marking materials are optimized for excellent glass bead adhesion and thermal fusion with asphalt so that formulated markings deliver exceptional durability, ensuring retro-reflectivity remains high for years and minimizing maintenance costs.

Road Markings

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  • High retro-reflectivity/visibility
  • Fast return-to-service
  • Reduced road closures
  • Minimized traffic issues
  • Enhanced durability
  • Minimized maintenance needs
  • 100 percent solids / zero VOC
  • Excellent glass bead adhesion
  • Thermal fusion to asphalt
  • Good adhesion to concrete

Pine-based Sustainability Advantages

  • ESourced from Responsibly Managed Forests
  • ELower Carbon Footprint
  • ENon-food Source
  • EMinimal VOC (CARB LVP-VOC classified)
  • EDoes Not Compete for Land with Food Crops

Driving Roadway Sustainability

Road Markings Applications

Preformed Thermoplastic Markings
Liquid Applied Thermoplastic Striping
Preformed Thermoplastic Markings

Preformed thermoplastic markings, typically used for transverse lines and pavement symbols, are produced as pre-cut thermoplastic tapes and symbol pieces and applied by arranging on the pavement surface and heating in place. Kraton products enable formulators to optimize preformed markings for manufacturing efficiency, ease of application, visibility and durability.

Features and Benefits
  • Excellent visibility
  • High durability
  • Manufacturing efficiency
  • Ease of application



  • Uni-Rez 2294
  • Uni-Rez 2297
  • Uni-Rez 2631

  • SYLVACOTE 4985
Liquid Applied Thermoplastic Striping Liquid Applied

Kraton offers thermoplastic materials designed for spray, extrusion or profiled road marking applications.

In spray applications, the thermoplastic markings are typically applied at 100 mils (2.5 mm) for new markings or 30-60 mils (0.75-1.5 mm) for retracing. Typically used for center, edge or lane markings, spray applications can achieve higher durability and visibility with the right formulation.

Extrusion applications are used for center, edge or lane markings as well as intersection and transverse rumble markings. These markings are applied in liquid form by contractors using a handheld screed box or truck mounted extrusion equipment at a thickness of 90-180 mils (2.3-4.6 mm), offering long service life with excellent visibility.

Designed for center, edge or lane lines, profiled thermoplastic markings are applied as inverted or raised bumps to provide excellent durability, audible lane departure warning and improved wet or night visibility.

Features and Benefits
  • Excellent visibility
  • Improved durability
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Audible warning
  • Low melt viscosity






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